The start - 2.21.16

I decided to document my experiences via this blog so that I'd have something to look back on when I'm feeling discouraged, and to show you all everything that's going in to making this space a reality.  

In embarking on opening my very own coworking and event space, I'm filled with an overflow of various emotions. 1) I'm scared as f*ck. This will be on of the biggest things I'll ever be responsible  for.  The monetary commitment alone is enough to make a person run for the hills. 2) I'm so excited. The visions I see for this thing just keep coming to me. I see so many people being blessed from this space. I know it will bring my family even closer. I know that it will challenge me so much and really test my perseverance levels. I think it will give me an opportunity to see my husband in a whole different light (which is already happening). 3) I'm proud of myself for taking small steps everyday - even before I kinda thought those steps would be leading to this... even before I thought I could do it... even before the space was available... even before it made sense. 

So, this journal/blog will just chronicle the process, which I'm sure will be a rollercoaster of emotions.  Something has been telling me to journal this process for aw while, but it really just hit me today. I think because this week has been so progressive: I got the 3rd graphic design proposal, I spoke with an attorney, I connected with two architects and I got tons of very useful advice from a current business owner. Sh*t is moving and life is a blessing. #CAMPWORKSPACE