3.17.16 - Website

I accomplished another goal for CAMO this week... creating the website and social media pages.  The website looks great! Very professional and clean. I knocked it out in 2 hours and saves about $2000.

Now, all I'm waiting for is the logo to be completed so that it can be added to the website and so that I can create all of the pre-construction member information.  A lot of work needs to get done in the next 2 weeks.  One of the contractors that I've been talking to isn't as responsive as I'd like and the leasing agent's email address isn't working. I've been having to call - which I really don't like doing - but I guess this is just another way that I'm being forced out of my comfort zone.  

The leasing agent suggested that I create a proposal and present it to the developer to see what type of assistance they'd be willing to offer. I can't however, submit the proposal until I have some mock ups of the space and know how many people I'll be able to fit.

At the end of the day, I have to trust the process and keep at it.  I'm not paying anyone just yet, so I can't expect them to move how I need them to. I can, and will, however, stay on 'em.  

Oh! I was also asked to manage volunteers at this year's Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) in LA this May.  I had every intention to go, but couldn't afford the $500 registration fee. Now, I don't have to pay and I'll get to really interact with attendees, planners and speakers.   All with the goal of getting as much information as possible. I'm proud of myself for stepping up and just going for what I want. I have to keep it up!