4.1.16 - Progress Update

Happy April!

The last time I wrote, I had a list of things that needed to happen by the next cowork day. Of those 4 things, I completed 1 of them.

Why the lackluster job in completing things? Well, 1) I don't want to rush this process. Iw able to complete the online branding, but see that a lot more thought (and $$) needs to be put into things before I present the space and the price point to customers. I can't jump the gun on this, because if I promote one price, then realize it's way off when I finish the business plan, I'll be screwed.

2) I really need to present something tangible to prospective customers. People need to e able to see and understand exactly what I'm asking them to buy into. That will be done with a clean space layout.

I'm happy that I held off on creating/presenting a bunch of things at the cowork day. Things have to be right.