4.23.16 - Site Visit

I met with the architects at the intended site last week (4/21). It was really cool to have them walk through the space and give their ideas and feedback.  They, of course, also mentioned things that I'd never thought about, e.g. a handicap entrance, bathroom code specifics and noise blocking options.

Of course (and thankfully), the architects were able to hear exactly how much the bikram studio noise transfers to our space. We walked up to the bikram studio to get a better understanding of their flooring, which isn't the best for commercial spaces.  All things that have to be considered when doing the build out. 

Once GTM has the build out plans, I'll have a much better idea of how much money it will take to build the space, and if it's realistic to move forward with planning, securing funding, finding contractors and starting the process of making the space come into fruition.

It feels good because things are moving along.  No more just talking ... we making sh*t happen.