5.18.16 - Tired & no WBP

I'm feeling physically and mentally drained at this moment.  The mercury retrograde is over, but I don't feel light.  Despite the weird feeling, I've been able to get some important things done:

  • got the space drawing from GTM
  • hired a commercial real estate agent and found out that the space I want is actually available
  • finished the draft member agreement 
  • selecting the cowork management (via a contact I met at GCUC)
  • finalized CAMP pricing

And while all things seem to be moving forward, I'm upset because I can't to West Palm Beach with my friends. I used the money to pay a bill, in an effort to be more responsible. I'm mad about it. I don't like sacrifice. I want what I want, when I want it.

What I missed in West Palm Beach, Fl.

What I missed in West Palm Beach, Fl.

But, you have to sacrifice for what you REALLY want and I REALLY want CAMP to happen.

I get it.