CAMPspace® Venue Rental Contract

Please see our venue rental terms and conditions below.  All clients will be expected to sign a venue rental contract in order to proceed with using the space.



The rental rate shall be in accordance with the attached invoice. The rate covers only the period as set forth above. The period of use is determined by the arrival time of the client, their representatives or one of their vendors and the departure time of the client, their representatives or one of their vendors. The rental fee is not prorated if the period of use does not last for the entire block of time as set forth above. Additional time is billed at the rate of $150 per hour. Discounted rates are available for half- (6 hour) and full-day (12 hours) blocks. A non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the total invoice is due when reserving the event space, with the remainder of the entire contract amount to be paid at least 5 (five) days before the event is to take place.

If reserving the event space less than 1 week prior to the event date, total payment is due on receipt of the invoice. If the event is cancelled less than 1 (one) month prior to the event, the total amount of the rental and other costs is due. If a client must reschedule due to their own fault, it must be made at least 30 days in advance. If a rescheduling is made any later, the client will be charged a $200 rescheduling fee. All rentals include a $150 cleaning fee.


If bringing in food and/or beverages, the kitchen and event space areas around where the food/beverage service took place should returned to their original state at the conclusion of the event rental.  Alcohol can not be sold in the space.

No client can use the event space's stove or oven without the prior consent from CAMPspace. Client requests to use the space’s stove and oven must be made in writing when the initial booking request is submitted.  Upon approval by management for the client to use the kitchen appliances, a $250 security deposit is required at the time of the booking. The client must also provide management with a copy of their valid insurance and food handlers permit at least 5 calendar days prior to the event date. If the security deposit, insurance and permit are not supplied by the specified time, the space management has the right to cancel the reservation and refund any monies paid by the client, minus the non-refundable deposit.


CAMPspace must be notified in advance if the client arranges for outside vendors to provide catering or event rentals. All vendor load-in and load-out times must fit into the client's predetermined time block. 

If event load-in and load-out times can not happen during the event rental block, the client will be charged $50 per hour, billed in hour blocks, for the time used to load items in and out. There is a $75 per day storage fee for any items stored in the space before and/or after the event rental block.

No additional hours are allotted for set up or breakdown.  All furniture rental, catering equipment and decorations provided by the client, their representative, or one of their vendors must be removed from CAMPspace at the end of the event or the above charges will apply for moving and storage of the items. CAMPspace takes no responsibility for securing items nor is CAMPspace® responsible for damage or loss.  The client will do a walk through with a CAMPspace representative before they leave the facility to delineate any damage or missing items is asked to assist, the client will be billed at cost.


The client is fully and solely responsible for any damage and extra costs in any way relating to the event, and to be fully and solely responsible for and damage or destruction of CAMPspace or any property located on or within the premises caused by the client or any of its agents or guests.  The client is responsible for maintaining the events space and the adjacent areas in as good clean condition as that in which they were immediately prior to the client's use except for typical light cleaning. 

The client further agrees to pay any and all costs of repair of damage to the facility caused by itself or its agents, guests, or invitees or occurring during it's agents, guests or invitees use of the facility pursuant to the contract. If extra labor, cleanup, linens are used or tables added to the scope of this contract, the client agrees to pay for such items. CAMPspace will not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any articles and/or merchandise brought into the venue, and client hereby agrees to indemnify, and hold harmless, CAMPspace for any such claims which may arise as a result of property lost at the venue during the event times.


All decorative changes must be approved by management. No taping or tacking to walls, confetti, glitter or open flame candles (small decorative candles enclosed in glass votives or hurricane shades may be permitted with prior written approval by CAMPspace.  Any promotional material of the event referencing CAMPspace is subject to manager approval. CAMPspace has the right to deny any materials deemed inappropriate. No smoking is allowed inside the venue, in the common areas, or within 10 feet of the venue entrance. Client is responsible for returning the venue back to its original state in which it was immediately before the venue rental time.


The client agrees that CAMPspace and its officers shall not be liable for losses, damages (including attorney's fees, court costs and consequential damages), detention, delay or failure to perform in whole or part resulting from causes beyond its control, including, but not limited to acts of God, acts or omissions, fires, weather conditions, power failures, strikes, riots, embargoes, delays in transportation, inability to obtain supplies or requirements, or regulations of the United States Government or any other civil or military authority (to include any local legislation regarding liquor license requirements).

In the event of an emergency, CAMPspace reserves the right to cancel a space reservation. Groups and/or individuals are responsible for contacting space in severe weather conditions to determine whether the location will remain open. Closing information is available on the web at CAMPspace will re-schedule reservations within 30 days, if possible, when CAMPspace closes due to severe weather or other emergencies.