2018: A Year In Review

The year is coming to and end, and we (kind of sadly) reflect on the many ways that CAMP has helped the community grow TOGETHER. We welcome guests into the space with open arms, and encourage them to make the space their own, creating an atmosphere that is perfect for them. We've loved having people come in and get creative, and grow while doing it! From our first #CAMPsummer effort, to workshops and dinners in the like, we've watched our space transform daily. Here are a few of the many events that happened at CAMPspace this year!


#1 Sillie Mugo's Exhibit

This summer, we kicked off our art exhibit series. Our walls were intentionally kept bare so that we could eventually display the beautiful work of local artists. Sillie Mugo was our first artist, which kicked off with a debut exhibit opening, libations and great conversation. Bloggers, photographers, artists, and other creatives met up and brought so much great energy into the space! Check out her work here.

2018 Victory Truck Private Dinner (51) (1).jpg

#2 Dine With Victory Truck Private Dinner

Most people are in love with the kitchen in our space, and we love making sure it's utilized in a great way! In April, we held our very first private dinner with Chef Tobias Dorzon - the space was transformed and the food was amazing. Attended by some of the area’s elite, it was definitely the place to be!

IMG_4217 (1).jpg

#3 Entrepreneurial Efforts: Playpits Brand Shoot

Sticking to our motto of helping the community GROW, we’ve been able to be the backdrop for dozens of professional brand photo and video shoots. Playpits, a black owned all-natural deodorant line for children, was one of the first local small businesses to shot in our space and we’re forever grateful. Looking forward to even more entrepreneurs to debut their businesses with us.

IMG_4218 (1).jpg

#4 Workshops

Expert in your field? We’ve opened our doors to professionals, at no cost, that host different workshops in their related fields. Aside from being able to bring more people in the space, we are fulfilled when we can provide opportunities for our guests to learn and connect. In 2018, we co-hosted workshops dedicated to Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Small Business Accounting, and are really excited to host more in the future.

IMG_4220 (1).jpg

#5 Storytime

We love our kids too! In partnership with Life Abundantly Coaching, we kicked off our Storytime series for babies and toddlers, with parents bringing them into the space to hear stories and meet other kiddies. CAMP feels like home, and seeing all of the baby’s smiling faces was amazing.

How will YOU use our space in the 2019 year? For more recaps and photos about events, follow our Instagram page, and visit our website to see what’s coming up!

Meet Patrice: Mom, Wife, CEO…

Patrice at CAMP’s grand opening in march 2018.

Patrice at CAMP’s grand opening in march 2018.

Dec. 9, 2018 - Most people are intimidated by their own possibilities mainly because they haven't tapped into them yet. Taking a leap of faith and following your dreams may seem like a risk that is too dangerous to chance, but the outcome will always be a lesson learned. For Patrice Cameau, that leap of faith lead her to opening CAMPspace, in March of 2018.

The 35-year-old mom of two (and one of the way) has a drive instilled in her that is unexplainable. "I've always been a leader and a connector," she said, cuddled on her couch with her 1-year-old daughter Parker. Aside from managing CAMPspace full time, Cameau also manages all kinds of creatives from entertainers to chefs, such as famed Chef Tobias Dorzon. Cameau's passion lies in being able to facilitate ways for people to reach their greatest potential and realize their calling. As a former PR consultant turned brand manager, she is committed to and is inspired by helping people share their message and grow their brands, while helping them find their voice.

patrice and chef tobias dorzon

patrice and chef tobias dorzon

patrice’s family

patrice’s family

Staying motivated and highly focused on certain goals is what helps the businesswoman continue paving the path to success for her family and the community in the like. "It all goes back to my kids," she confessed, "The legacy of Patrice Cameau." The CEO is motivated by being a mother to her children and ensuring that they have something to remember their mother by when all is said and done. "I want them to be able to look back and say my mom did that," she said. Leaving a lasting mark on her family's legacy is her largest motivation, and it pushes her to strive past the many obstacles that this business has to throw in her way. However, on any journey, the road is never easy.

The idea of CAMPspace was developed around 2012 and 2013 when Cameau began an organization called C.O.O.K.I.E. It was a niche for female entrepreneurs and business owners to link together in order to inspire and encourage one another in their own separate ventures. In doing this, Cameau would rent out spaces in the district in order to hold certain workshops and to have the women gather in a single space to secure a comfortable and welcoming setting.  C.O.O.K.I.E. began to phase out as the strain of the commute to D.C. weighed on the organization and Cameau's dream to open her own coworking space. In attempts to keep her dream alive, she wanted to raise $8,000 to begin building what would be CAMPspace. After having a miscarriage in September 2015 combined with the inability to raise the funds for a space, Cameau's goal seemed to be harder to reach.

In 2016, Cameau decided to allow her misfortunes turn into treasure. She began renting out spaces along Route 1 for pop up working days, all while still maintaining her drive for opening one of her own. "I would always do these happy hour events," she said with a smirk. "They would always be business focused." The Hyattsville/College Park area at the time had no exposure to what coworking actually was, which led her to keep striving to bring the concept to a city that needed it so desperately. For the remainder of that year, the entrepreneur would reach out to top officials, have her second child, and go through a series of personal challenges. Little did she know that the best was still in store.

In October 2017, Cameau recounts giving up on her dream of opening her space. Just as the doubts began to flood her expectations, she received a phone call from a landlord offering her the space at 4214 Gallatin Street. Armed with the funds from her 401k and a revamped attitude, Cameau was ready to begin the stages of finally opening her space until the landlord had a change of plans and gave the space away to another tenant. "I was heartbroken," she said.

There was still, however, a glimmer of hope through all of the setbacks and trials. A little over a month later around Thanksgiving 2017, Cameau got another call from the landlord offering her the space on Gallatin once more. "December 1st 2017, we signed and reviewed the lease," she exclaimed. "And it's November 7th, 2018 and we're about to review the lease for next year."

And a wonderful year it has been. From photoshoots and brunches to dinners and pop-up shops, 4214 Gallatin Street has transformed to CAMPspace; a coworking and event space where people can grow together. "It's been quite the journey," she sighed. "It wasn't easy." Cameau prides CAMPspace for its uniqueness in architectural style to it's minimalistic, living room aura. "I definitely wanted it to be a living room kind of vibe because me being a consultant and working from home sometimes, I like being on my couch." She continued, "When I created it, I wanted it to be a place where I could work, and that's not for everybody, but it is for some people, and those are the people that we're serving."

camp - before renovations

camp - before renovations

The concept of coworking has spread across the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area like wildfire, but CAMPspace has remained to be the hidden gem that it is. "It [CAMPspace] will never be WeWork, It will never be a 10,000 sq. ft. space," she expressed. "That's just not what CAMP is." So, you may be wondering, what is next for CAMP? "My goal for year two is to really get the books together," said Cameau after discussing the possibilities of opening other locations for the space in the future. "My goal and my focus is always suburban cities. CAMP in Hyattsville, M.D. will look different from CAMP in Montclair, New Jersey or a suburb in Atlanta because you also have to look at the community around the space."

And Cameau has done just that. "I am Patrice Cameau: a mom, a wife, and I am just really committed to creating spaces and opportunities for people to grow."

CAMP - after renovations (completed by kai petty of lush fete)

CAMP - after renovations (completed by kai petty of lush fete)

Exhibits at CAMP

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 3.21.37 PM.png

Nov. 28, 2018 - We open our doors to artists of all kinds. On November 13th, we debuted our current featured artist, Dew The Artist, whose work is one that exudes limitless emotions. Each brushstroke is filled with pain, love, hope, and dedication. The artist allows for the audience to interpret the work for themselves before he reveals its true meaning.

Check out a recap of the event here. 

dew the artist (l)

dew the artist (l)

The Hidden Treasure

Nov. 3, 2018 - A typical day in CAMPspace begins with grinding fresh coffee and opening the blinds just enough so the glare of the sunlight doesn’t bounce off of the MacBook screens. The Smart TV bolted to the wall; usually tuned into Live With Kelly and Ryan or any of the plethora of the week’s daily talk shows, narrates a day full of rigorous work in a serene environment. Tucked into a row of buildings just in the backyard of St. Jerome’s Apostle School, in Hyattsville, M.D., CAMPspace opens its doors to entrepreneurs, photographers, artists, pastors, consultants, and many other eager, go-getter personalities on a daily basis.

The concept of co-working is something that is very new, but it’s taking the D.C. Metro area by storm. By definition, co-working is a style of work that consists of a shared workspace among people that work independently on their own project. Though it’s not usually your typical office space where everyone is working around the same idea or sharing one boss, it is still an effective way of completing your profession while still being able to bounce your ideas off of people who are pursuing something else. Opened in March 2018, CAMPspace takes this concept and transforms it into a comforting, fresh version of what is usually expected.

Coworking and sharing your ideas with them in order to gain insight on their own individual endeavors is extremely warming because it shows that they aren’t just taking time out of their day to leave the comfort of their homes, but they’re doing it to make something of themselves in a world that so often forgets that creativity and the next best thing still exists.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.57.39 PM.png